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Intrigo is a mobile puzzle game with brand new game mechanics. Before you is a board divided into tiles. Each tile has a top part (white) and a bottom part (green/red or empty). To solve the puzzle, swap the white top parts among tiles till they all fit into the empty spaces below. Bottom squares that clash with the top part are marked red: to solve the puzzle turn all red squares green.

Move the white parts between tiles, so they fit into empty spaces 3D side view illustration

It's OK to have leftover empty spaces, as long as there are no red squares left. In the free version, you can only swap the top parts between tiles. In the full version you can also rotate and flip the top part within a tile. The game's over if you lose 3 times in a row.


swap top parts between tiles
rotate right/left within a tile (use any of the shown motions)
flip horiz./vert. within a tile (use any of the shown motions)



The free version of Intrigo has a limited number of levels, no rotations or flips.

Available at

App Store Intrigo Free (limited levels)
App Store Intrigo Full
Google Play Intrigo Free (limited levels)
Google Play Intrigo Full